Hybrid Pro Series Rack


Approximately $3,786.03

Our New Hybrid Pro Series Rack, we have taken our standard combo rack and redesigned it to allow a full mono rack head be installed. All heights for squat or bench settings match that of our combo racks but now you have the option to use the mono feature or  if needed walk outs can still be done by leaving the squat hooks in there fixed position. The hybrid pro series features our new style bench that is placed into each rack via locating pins and now features wheels to the rear so they can be moved around easier when outside each rack. The mono Head is fully functioning  so features a counterweighted arm that pulls the jhooks back to the uprights and allows for the jhooks to be narrowed for widegrip. The counterweight pullback is designed to take a 5kg to 7.5kg weight plate to operate the pullback function unlike standard monos that ship with the heavy weight already installed. This allows the hybrid to be assembled by a single individual if needed.  Heights are adjusted by the lever system like standard combos with each upright being able to be adjusted one at a time due to our unique swivel design to the head, we have added rollers in key positions to allow the uprights move freely during height adjustments. Units have been strength tested to hold 500kg plus.

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